Images of sexualized violence are present in almost all media (advertising, movies and documentaries, photo/journalist reports, TV news, informational and educational posters, YouTube clips, etc.), and surround us in everyday life. Because they are part of the political space, the question of how images of sexualized violence can be used to govern is urgent. This conference is intended to provide a framework for an interdisciplinary discussion of the politics of the visualization of sexualized violence.

Visualizations of sexualized violence are embedded in knowledge-power complexes, as they perpetuate and also establish gender orders and hierarchies, subject-object constellations, conditions of violence, and gaze and truth regimes. Representations of sexualized violence contribute to the constitution of the meaning of sexualized violence, as well as being the effect of prior understandings of sexualized violence; they consequently influence future perceptions and thus forms of the exercise of sexualized violence. With the conference Kicking Images and with reference to queer-feminist re-presentation politics, we want to explicitly intervene in the production of future visual notions of sexualized violence.

The conference aims at increasing awareness of the visual representation of sexualized violence, analyzing the visualizations, and developing perspectives for differing re-presentation. Accompanying workshops are planned to discuss, conceive and generate alternative, counter-cultural images on sexualized violence, and to – expectedly – prepare and produce a manual (brochure or handbook) for the complex of the visualization of sexualized violence.

The conference is organized in cooperation between the departments of Media Theories and Time-Based Media at the University of Art and Design Linz together with queer-feminist, women’s issues, and anti-violence organizations from Linz, and artists as well as artist groups.


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